New year, new pledge, new sustainability initiatives

Much as we would like it, going “green” is not something that can happen overnight. But at a time when environmental awareness is at the forefront of global conversation, here at Fashionizer Spa we’re harnessing our expertise and knowledge to showcase how our clients can make a difference – one change at a time. It starts with our new sustainability pledge for 2020.

As you may well be aware, we aim to be market leaders in sustainable uniform fashion and we are constantly evolving in keeping up with new eco-friendly yarn developments and cutting-edge ways to maintain our position. Behind the scenes, our team has been researching new ecological technologies in fabrics and production for quite some time.  

Our first step to being more ‘eco-conscious’ was in 2008, when we developed our exclusive Cotton Performance Fabric, which combines organic cotton with other yarns. Within the past five years we have introduced further sustainable fabrics, such Linen, Tencel and PET, which is a recycled polyester filament yarn coming from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Our ethical standards are also of utmost importance, as our European factories have always been part of the company’s agenda with ongoing visits to ensure that staff are properly remunerated and work in good conditions.

As a part of our new sustainability pledge, we’ll be introducing a number of initiatives next year.

  1. Biodegradable packaging - In a bid to eliminate plastic from our packaging, we will be introducing new biodegradable packaging, which we are still working on deciding if this will be made from paper, corn or potatoes.
  2. Carbon offset program - As we sell worldwide and we wish to build awareness and encourage our customers to follow sustainable practices, we are working on a carbon offset calculator so that we can calculate the number of trees we need to plant for each location and shipment. We will offer customers the chance to contribute to make their order more eco-efficient, or we will pay for the offset if they do not wish to do so.
  3. New Sustainable fabric - We will be launching a new sustainable fabric to our organic cotton collection, “Eco-Smooth”, it is made from the same yarn combination as the ever successful CPF but has a smoother look and finish. New styles for spa and medical garments will be added to the stock supported range and sold via our online shop.
  4. The challenge of sustainability in textiles - We are producing a video series where we will be sharing some of our sustainability knowledge, in which we will unfold the challenges that the fashion industry as a whole and uniform companies in particular face when introducing new eco-friendly practices.

“Our journey to a more environmentally friendly business is more of a marathon than a sprint, and we hope to continue to lead the market in finding solutions for a more sustainable world, and inspiring others to do so in return. We will be encouraging the industry to follow us on us on our eco-voyage.”  -Debbie Leon, Managing Director

What Is Fashionizer Spa Doing To Contribute?


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