Phytomer Skincare

Phytomer Fashionizer Spa Uniforms

The Spa

Phytomer, a French marine-based skincare brand, who for more than 40 years have been developing cosmetics from the most powerful oceanic ingredients. The brand stands out in particular with a new generation of natural, high-performance and eco-friendly aquatic ingredients. Their flagship spa opened in the Champs-Élysées in Paris in 2018, and their destination spa, located near the company’s reasearch center and offices is a contemporary retreat by the sea in Saint-Malo, Brittany. Phytomer is one of the few cosmetic companies in the world to master marine biotechnology to produce completely new and natural ingredients using high-tech and environmentally friendly methods. The Phytomer spa treatments combine targeted professional products and cutting-edge manual techniques.

The Uniforms

The focus on the environment made Fashionizer Spa the perfect partner for Phytomer when they decided to design new uniforms for the opening of the flagship city spa in the Champs Elysees in Paris. Phytomer being a pioneer in marine cosmetics, their brand identity mirrors the azure blues of the sea. With this in mind, Fashionizer Spa used a deep navy with a vivid blue satin trim set to embody the colours of the Phytomer brand. On this occasion, a mix and match solution suited their needs, and we used our Omward wrap style tunic in navy which is produced in our eco-friendly Cotton Performance Fabric (CPF). The final touches for the garments were adding a satin trim, which matches Phytomer’s signature blue, and a corresponding embroidered Phytomer logo on the chest.


“The Fashionizer uniforms developed for Phytomer reflect perfectly the values that Phytomer carries: sustainability and performance, elegance and naturalness. The partnership with Fashionizer was delightful and is a clear embodiment of Phytomer’s vision for the spa industry: working in innovative manners to deliver relevant solutions to spas.” – Tristan Lagarde, Director of Sales & Digital Development

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