Silverplus® Technology



By their very nature, spa uniforms are often worn for long periods of time. However, they need to appear crisp, fresh and new to spa guests, every single day. Fashionizer is already committed to creating uniforms that are breathable, durable, hypo-allergenic and easy to care for, but we also embrace up-to-date antibacterial fabric treatments that allow our uniforms to work even harder for our spa clients, without showing signs of it.

Silverplus® ion technology is a welcome innovation in textile design. It uses the complex properties of silver ions to prevent the production of odour-causing bacteria within fabric, so that garments stay fresher for longer. This means that spa uniforms constructed with antimicrobial fabric that incorporates Silverplus® can be worn for longer without developing odours. They can also be washed at lower temperatures, affording them economic and sustainability benefits too.


This advancement in fabric technology can offer peace of mind when it comes to hygiene, protection and freshness. So much so, that Silverplus® is being adopted by clinics and hospitals due to its bacteria-stopping properties. What’s more, the incorporation of this antibacterial treatment doesn’t limit your design choices; your Fashionizer Spa uniforms can be elegant and stylish, whilst being as hygienic as possible too.