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The Spa

With more than 100 luxury hotels and resorts around the world, Four Seasons spas are known for their particular standards of professionalism and their trusted brand identity. Fashionizer Spa has found that those standards need to be  represented in the quality of their spa uniforms. That is why many of the spas have independently chosen these high-quality uniforms for many of their spas including Denver, Dubai, Bora Bora and Toronto. Some spas choosing from the stock collection and others opting for a bespoke solutions.

The Uniforms

At each of the Four Seasons spas we have partnered with, spa uniforms have needed to reflect the individual spa’s identity and environment. They needed to be stylish, comfortable and customisable with reliable manufacturing and delivery in keeping with different regional requirements and standards. For example, at the Pearl Spa at their elite Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, relaxed luxury and consideration of the local climate, where treatments are sometimes offered outside. Choosing the cool feel of our relaxed and stylish linen-rich uniforms , which are a combination of plant-based fibres and Lycra®, so they are comfortable, breathable and don’t crease, was a good solution for a cool and relaxed look that is also professional.


“I want to mention a vendor that we have used here at the resort that have been great partners and delivered strongly on the product and vision.” - Simon Casson, President Hotel Operations, EMEA



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