Saray Spa

Saray Spa

Saray Spa - Fashionizer Spa Uniforms

The Spa

Tucked away behind ornately carved arches, The Saray Spa is a world-class health and wellness center, located in various Marriott Hotels across the Middle East. The concept uses Arabic design elements and traditional remedies, such as hammam rituals, Dead Sea mud and salts treatments, massages and hydration treatments.

The Uniforms

Fashionizer Spa has been working closely with the spa managers and the Marriott head office in Dubai on developing a bespoke concept for Marriott’s Saray Spas across the Middle East. The subtle brand colors are incorporated seamlessly into the customized design which includes four variations to suit the different team roles. There are two styles each for men and women, combining short and long wrap tunics, with narrow modern trousers in cream. A hint of sage green appears in trims across the bodice and sleeves, as well as the delicate Saray logo, that has been developed from traditional Arabian architecture, is embroidered on the chest of the uniforms. Our design team knew that our popular Cotton Performance Fabric (CPF) would be the perfect fit to produce the garments in, due to the fact that the fabric is breathable, organic, and has an antibacterial finish that ensures that no odors develop, making it the ideal choice for uniforms of maximum practicality in hot climates.

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