Eco Smooth

Sustainable Spa Uniforms


Eco Smooth is our newest sustainable fabric, developed in 2019 with cutting-edge, eco-friendly technologies. It combines the properties of Organic Cotton (60%) with Newlife™ rPET (37%), which is crafted into fine yarns from recycled plastic bottles, as well as 3% Lycra.

Cotton's versatility allows it to be durable, breathable, hypo-allergenic and most importantly comfortable, all at the same time. Our organic cotton reduces the negative impact cotton farming can have on local water quality, as well as biodiversity.

Like polyester, Newlife™ rPET has a smooth, modern texture and is durable, with the added benefit of its manufacturing process being much less harmful to the environment than regular polyester.

Silverplus® and soil release treatments are added to prevent odours, allowing the fabric to stay stain-free and washable at lower temperatures.