(rPET) Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate

Eco-friendly Womens Spa Uniform

rPET is recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, crafted into fine yarns from recycled plastic bottles. Like polyester, rPET fabric has a smooth look and texture and is durable, and their manufacture is much less harmful to the environment.

This ethically sourced textile has antibacterial properties and is kind to skin due to its creation process being mechanical rather than chemical. The feel of this fabric is more lightweight and flexible, providing comfort and style. The eco-friendly and fashion forward collection includes a trend-led jumpsuit providing an alternative to the traditional spa uniform garment.

The light, soft and modern-looking fibre, unique for its resilience to water. This allows it to be washed and dried quickly while retaining its glamorous feel and high level of comfort.

Partly made from Tencel (52%), a cellulose fabric made from wood pulp, which is durable and resistant to creasing, as well as being highly absorbent to moisture. It is recyclable and its manufacture doesn’t release toxins into the atmosphere. The other main component, rPET (45%), is comprised entirely of recycled bottles, which gives the added benefit of considerable resource and cost savings for the environment, which makes our rPET collection a great alternative for eco-conscious customers.

Fabric Composition: 52% Tencel, 45% rPET, 3% Lycra®