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Established in 2008 by our founder, Debbie Leon, Fashionizer Spa has become a market leader for sustainable spa uniforms across the globe, supplying a range of prestigious customers, including Spa at Ashford Castle, Blue Lagoon Iceland, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Six Senses Resorts & Spas. Our mission is simple. We combine a deep understanding of spa environments with our many years of design experience and technical expertise to produce award-winning uniforms for the best spas in the world.

Where it all began…

Our sister brand, Fashionizer, has supplied luxury hotels with staff uniforms since 1993. Over time, many of these clients began to create spas in their hotels, and our customers were asking Fashionizer to design spa uniforms for these new teams. We could see that spa uniforms required a rethink from other staff uniforms, due to the particular warm environment in spas and the movements during spa treatments and the use of oils. The materials needed to be flexible, comfortable, and breathable, given spa staff having busy days working physically treating clients. They also needed to be crease resistant and easy to wash.

Quickly realising that not only the requirements for spa uniforms were significantly different to classic hotel uniforms, but that also the customers, spa managers in the main were different to other clients. The ability to focus on the needs of luxury spas and develop a unique product offering, meant that a different approach was needed, and Fashionizer Spa was born. Our approach was a focus on the materials, and we took two years to develop the first of our exclusive fabrics, CPF (cotton performance fabric)  that fulfilled the unique requirements of spa operators.

The introduction of sustainability…

Fashionizer Spa was growing, and our uniforms were selling across the globe to some of the world's most luxurious spas. In addition (and perhaps most importantly), they were loved by staff and managers alike.

In 2015, sustainability became part of our offering; the world began to pay more attention to the needs of the planet, and we were able to begin working with organic fabrics. In 2018, things had progressed to the point where not only could we use recycled polyester, but we were also able to begin researching the properties of all the fabrics we were using to establish their real sustainability credentials, as a consequence of which we removed some of our range of uniforms those garments made from materials that we believed were not sustainably sourced.

Fashionizer Spa's present day ethos…

Fast forward to now, we have successfully developed our own proprietary fabrics at Fashionizer Spa, created specifically for use in spa environments. We use eco-conscious textiles that are produced through a transparent supply chain, based predominantly in Europe, keeping our carbon emissions at a minimum and our supply chains as ethical as possible. Although still a small company, we are committed to long term change. We work to set an example for our clients to become more sustainable, which, as Fashionizer Spa continues to work with customers all over the world, we hope we will continue to achieve as new materials are developed and come onto the market.

You can read more about our sustainable efforts here.


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