Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates, Spa uniforms

Aromatherapy Associates is a luxury therapeutic essential oil brand providing world-leading blends and treatments. Their renewed partnership with Fashionizer Spa sees a focus on quality and sustainability reflected in their bespoke uniforms.


The Brand

Aromatherapy Associates creates hand-crafted blends of essential oils, designed to celebrate the power of natural ingredients. Their award-winning products and treatments are carefully tailored to provide exceptional sensorial experiences that enhance the mind, body and spirit, with the highest concentrations of natural ingredients reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability and quality, and ensuring their formulations remain the gold standard of essential oil blends.


The Uniforms

Aromatherapy Associates’ latest uniform is a bespoke jumpsuit in navy Eco Smooth, an innovative material that combines the benefits of organic cotton with the durability of ™Newlife PET and a touch of Lycra. Finished with Silverplus® and soil-relief treatments to prevent odours, Eco Smooth is the perfect blend of cutting edge and eco-conscious technologies. The jumpsuit has a front zip and belt with large pockets, completing a uniform that is not only elegant to look at, but also comfortable to wear and a sustainable choice.



“It was great to work with Debbie and her team again. They always make the daunting task of a new team uniform effortless. We chose Fashionizer as we were delighted that even our uniform could align with our sustainability commitments.”

- Christina Salcedas, Global Director of Education Aromatherapy Associates

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