Sensei Spa Lanai at Four Seasons Resort, Hawaii

four seasons spa with massage and scenic background

Sensei Lanai is an extraordinary wellness enclave on the secluded Hawaiian island of Lanai. Its focus is on providing guests a completely personalised wellbeing experience matched by exceptional hospitality in an extraordinary setting.


The Spa

The 1,000 square foot spa comprises 10 hales - a Hawaiian word that means ‘homes’ or ‘lodges’. Inspired by spiritually calming Japanese design, each hale offers a sauna, steam room, ofuro bathtub, oversize massage tables, plunge pools and lounging area. Sensei-developed body mapping technology allows the practitioner to provide a customised treatment programme.


The Uniforms

Andrew Gibson was responsible for the development of Sensei Lanai Spa, and he chose to work with Fashionizer Spa as we share the same values and enthusiasm for sustainability in the wellness industry. Additionally, comfort was a priority for the spa therapists who work in Lanai’s hot climate. We delivered a collection of stylish uniforms in our Cotton Performance Fabric (CPF), which is breathable, anti-bacterial and pleasing on the eye.

Fashionizer Spa has worked with Four Seasons for a number of years providing both stock and bespoke uniforms for their spas in Denver, Dubai, Serengeti, Bora Bora and Toronto, amongst others. 

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