Aspria Clubs

The Spa

Aspria is an exclusive collection of member’s clubs with eight destinations across Europe. Designed to deliver luxurious wellness, they offer guests a range of health, fitness and spa facilities, as well as luxury accommodation for members, setting a gold standard for private health clubs.

The Uniforms

Fashionizer first worked with Aspria in 2011, the bespoke uniforms needed to represent the brand whilst also being suitable for each of their eight locations in Germany, Belgium and Italy. The bespoke spa uniform concept was originally introduced in 2012 and included CPF garments in navy and Aspria royal blue. The update in 2018 included staff feedback, where spa staff voted to keep the CPF fabric with a simplified design concept, all garments are now navy with a white and blue trim. Working with the spa team to ensure styles were brought up to date and fit the operation. Small adjustments have included making the trousers narrower and exchanging the v-neck tunics for a wrap alternative.


"The Aspria Spa team have been wearing Fashionizer Spa garments for six years now and love them. When we revised our uniforms in 2017, the spa staff wanted to update the uniform look for 2018. My team and I are delighted with the new outfits which look very smart and are comfortable to wear. We greatly appreciate the ongoing support we receive with urgent requests and look forward to continuing our partnership with Fashionizer Spa.” - Jorge Mosquera Group Customer Service Manager, Aspria Holdings BV

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