Vila Vita Parc Spa by Sisley Paris

Fashionizer Spa uniforms for Vila Vita Parc were both location specific and in keeping with the spa wear of the group’s other destinations.

The Spa

A luxury hotel and spa in the Algarve, Vila Vita Parc features the VILA VITA Spa by Sisley Paris, the first such branded spa in Portugal. It combines a holistic, as well as a results-oriented, approach to wellbeing, evident in the unique HYPOXI Studio for targeted and individually designed workouts, alongside therapies featuring botanical extracts and essential oils.

The Uniforms

Fashionizer started working with Vila Vita Parc in 2011. With a large team, they were seeking a professional and coordinated appearance that could be managed efficiently and cost effectively. Our Mira tunics in cream, an elegant loose fit style, made it easy for therapists to move freely during treatments and comfortable in warm temperatures. We combined these with our straight leg Aria trousers, which include side pockets and a side zip for clean and elegant lines. Having purchased our ready-to-wear uniforms for more than eight years, Vila Vita Parc has now chosen to change the style and colour of their uniforms.

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