Our Partners

At Fashionizer Spa, we value our relationships with our partners. We carefully choose who we work with and where we turn to for expert advice and insider reports in our industry, basing our decisions on values and quality and ensuring our partners’ match up with our own. We are proud of the relationships we have with these partners, and therefore want to recommend them as valuable assets to other spa businesses. There are many challenges facing the spa industry, and we hope that by recommending the partners that we value here at Fashionizer Spa, we will help other businesses to find success.


Evolution-U Spa Academy is a partner we highly recommend to any business we work with, as their online courses provide highly targeted and valuable content for the building and running of a spa, as well as boosting sales. These courses are incredibly beneficial for spas as they target the main ways to increase revenue and reduce staff turnover. They provide guidance and specific steps that staff can take to improve their own soft skills, make customers feel welcome and ensure customers come back again and again, instead of going to competitors. Their training courses include, 'How to be a Top Earning Spa Therapist' and 'Running a Top Performing Spa Team', all of which can be bought and accessed entirely online in English French or Spanish (Portuguese to be launched later this year).

Evolution-U is founded by ex-investment banker and spa industry expert Neil Orvay and offers an extensive collection of online trainings for spa professionals, designed to improve communication, sales, influence and negotiation skills. He has adapted his corporate content to the spa and salon sector with a focus on interpersonal skills training to improve the customer experience, boost revenues, and help address the universal challenge of spa staff turnover. By providing online training, spas can provide staff with excellent training at a far lower price point that traditional in-person training.

“Most spa training budgets are focused on treatment and product training. These are of course necessary but they’re not enough. Without training the spa team how to communicate effectively with clients and between themselves, money is walking out the door every day”.


Neil Orvay

Neil Orvay is an expert in professional communication, specifically within the spa and wellness industry. As well as being the founder and owner of Evolution-U Spa Academy, he also owns an award-winning group of spas based in Hong Kong. We have enjoyed a great relationship with Neil Orvay for years. We have met and listened to him speak at various industry conferences and share in his passion for the wellness and spa industry, and as such we thoroughly recommend Neil Orvay's expertise.