Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable spa uniforms that are practical and stylish, using natural, organic or recycled fibres. We enhance close partnerships with our ethical suppliers and customers to develop innovative uniform solutions for the spa and wellness markets worldwide. 

Why Does Sustainability Matter?

The world is becoming more environmentally conscious as our eyes are opened to the issues that are set to impact not only us, but future generations. The environmental costs of producing clothing are immense. Huge amounts of water are needed to grow cotton, pesticides used to speed up growth are harmful to both wildlife and human health, and factories are continuing to expel toxic chemicals from clothing dyes. Many garments today are made of 100% polyester, which is chemically produced and non-biodegradable. When disposed of they end up in landfills and can be hugely damaging to wildlife and human health.  When looking at sustainability from an ethical perspective, the workforce behind fast fashion can face systemic abuse and exploitation in non-vetted factories, with many paid as little as possible to ensure maximum profitability for company shareholders. 

Here at Fashionizer Spa, we’re dedicated to becoming an example for others in the industry to follow. Read here what is Fashionizer Spa doing to make a difference.