Lifehouse Spa

Lifehouse Spa Fashionizer Uniforms


The Spa

Lifehouse Spa is a contemporary escape in the UK that offers wellness in a tranquil and relaxed environment.  With polished concrete, floor-to-ceiling windows and contemporary art, the spa is modern, welcoming and surrounded by historic gardens.  Its ethos is one of personal wellness designed to make guests feel at home, where home grown vegetables and naturopathy sit alongside luxurious spa products and exceptional design.

The Uniforms

Lifehouse wanted their welcoming character and recognisable branding represented in sustainable spa uniforms. Fashionizer Spa created a bespoke collection using their strong mulberry and fuchsia colour scheme, and signature floral motif. Made in Cotton Performance Fabric (CPF), which is cool, comfortable and stretches with the wearer.  For female staff uniforms we designed a wrap-style tunic with trousers which allows for easy movement while delivering spa treatments, and for male staff uniforms we designed short sleeve, polo style cotton shirts with matching trousers to deliver a relaxed, bespoke feel that is easy and comfortable to work in, while still looking smart.


"I was extremely impressed by Fashionizer's ability to translate our branding and strong colours into a simple and effective look paying great attention to the details. Their organisation, planning and critical path structure meant I did not need to worry about uniforms during the very busy pre-opening period. I look forward to working with the Fashionizer team again." — Berni Hawkins, Managing Director, Lifehouse Spa

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