Discover your perfect fit with our exciting partnership with Sizer!

Creating accurately fitting spa uniforms has always posed a challenge. The measuring processes can be difficult to organise in a timely manner and many spas don’t have someone with the required knowledge to precisely evaluate staff sizing.

This led our decision to partner with Sizer – an AI body measuring tech company which helps users effortlessly capture body measurements and deliver accurate size recommendations.

The process is simple. Using the front camera of any mobile device (after confirming it’s positioned correctly), Sizer verbally instructs users on how to perform simple poses, so it can collect images from various angles and determine their exact body contours.

After completing these easy steps, the customer is given a personalised size recommendation. It is important to note that Sizer never stores or shares any user images, and the application can be deleted after use.

Sizer gives size recommendations that are in direct response to our Fashionizer Spa measurement chart. This enables us to match our customers’ unique body measurements against specific garments, allowing for a convenient user-friendly process with proven 97% accuracy.

We can now provide a quick, simple, private and accurate measuring process for our clients worldwide, utilising Sizer's tools including;

  • Sizer’s online widget, which gives size recommendations for online shoppers, and can be found on each garment page below the sizes, called Find my Size.
  • A central dashboard – using collectemeasurements from clients – analyses and provides detailed breakdowns of entire orders for all staff.

This collaboration is mutually beneficial for both Sizer and us – with Sizer receiving regular feedback allowing its algorithm to constantly be improved and updated. While we gain useful body measurement data, that is then collated and used inform our Pattern Cutters about the best proportions to use for future styles.

This innovative partnership with Sizer allows us to provide customers with an unparalleled experience. By enhancing size accuracy and fuelling the push more a more sustainable shopping process we empower our customers to make informed purchases and revolutionize their online shopping journey. 

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