At Fashionizer Spa we believe that the perfect uniform starts with the right fabric. Innovation has always made up a large part of our ethos and we have developed our own fabrics and fabric treatments that are specifically designed for spa environments. Each fabric has individual textures, appearances and properties that enable our customers to choose the right fabric for their spa, resort or salon.

When developing our proprietary fabrics our focus is sustainability and natural fibres. The natural fabrics we offer are made from organic Cotton, Linen, Viscose, Tencel, and more recently, PET which is made from recycled plastic bottles. We can make uniforms from all these fibers. To ensure durability, structural design, style and flexibility we also combine the fibres with small amounts of polyester and Lycra®. We add specialist performance finishes, including Silverplus® which is a stain resistant soil release and environmentally friendly treatment which is skin safe and antibacterial.


What are the advantages of natural fabrics?

Breathable - due to the cellular structure of natural fabrics such as cotton they are inherently soft, cool and comfortable.

Durability - cotton fabric does not tear easily, therefore can withstand frequent washing enabling a long life cycle for these uniforms.

Easy Care - due to the natural composition of our fabric, our uniforms requires very little ironing and looks fresh even after a full day of strenuous wear.

Moisture Control - fabrics such as cotton and linen are natural sponges removing moisture build up between the clothes and the skin in order to keep the wearer dry.

Hypo-allergenic - dermatologists often recommend wearing natural fabrics to avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Insulation – the cell structure of natural fabrics such as cotton creates air pockets that provide natural insulation, keeping the wearer cool in the summer and warm in the winter months.

Biodegradable and sustainable - natural fibres make sustainable fabrics that are renewable and biodegradable.

What are the benefits of the fabric treatments we use?

Silverplus® antibacterial finish - the properties of silver are capable of preventing the build up of bacteria which helps prevent odours from developing. Read more about the Silverplus® technology here. 

Soil release - a soil release finish can help prevent different liquids and powders from soaking into the fabric. If the stain stays on top of the fabric its makes the uniforms stain resistant and a lot easier to clean. Another benefit of using soil release on natural fibers is that they can manage oil stains and release of body odours better than a polyester allowing these uniforms to stay fresher for longer.

 Why choose Natural fabrics for your spa uniforms?

We understand that all uniforms have a job to do, they must be: professional and presentable, easy to launder, comfortable yet adaptable and tailored to the job and climate at hand. For example, in hot climates a spa uniform needs to be lightweight, flexible and cool in order to enhance the experience of the wearer and allow them to achieve their best potential whilst being comfortable at work.

Spa managers and therapists who have been wearing Fashionizer Spa uniforms across the globe since 2008 are a testament to this ethos.