Our Sustainable Practice

Fashionizer Spa is committed to championing sustainability when creating new uniforms for our ethically and ecologically conscious wellness clients.

What Is Fashionizer Spa Doing To Contribute? 

At Fashionizer Spa we’re constantly evolving and keeping track of new and cutting-edge ways to maintain our position as a market leader in sustainable uniform fashion. From the beginning of the design process all the way to delivery, we’re striving to make every aspect of your uniform’s journey more eco-conscious. 

  • It’s important that our fabrics have a minimal impact on the environment, and there are several ways we achieve this. We regularly assess the materials we use, and a recent evaluation led to us making the decision to phase bamboo out of our product lines. Over 70% of the fibres we use are biodegradable, and this is markedly higher than many of our competitors. 
  • We have always used organic cotton which producers 42% less CO2 than regular cotton, and we’re also phasing out polyester in favour of the recycled variant.   
  • Our supply chain is European based, which offers two major benefits. This means our products are made in factories that pay fair wages and produced under good working conditions. We know first-hand because we make sure to visit our factories to ensure they adhere to the values Fashionizer Spa stands for.

  • Secondly, by being based in Europe, our manufacturing process produces a minimal carbon footprint because transportation is carried out entirely by road. We plan to off-set our carbon footprint entirely and we’re looking at programs that will help us achieve this, as well as offering ways for our clients to partake in the process. 
  • Our key cornerstone of our uniforms is that they’re durable (lasting up to five years in some cases), which creates a positive knock-on effect. Because our products last longer, it means that less will need to be made going forward, therefore decreasing the impact on the environment. It also creates a monetary saving for our clients, who can get more use out of their uniforms before replacing them. 
  • We’re looking at ways to decrease plastic wastage during the packaging and delivery process, as well as making it simpler for our clients to recycle. 


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