Garment Care Instructions

To ensure you enjoy your Fashionizer Spa Uniform to the full please ensure you follow the garment care instructions below.


Garment Care

      Please follow instructions for the purchase of garments for appropriate departments as indicated in descriptions.
      Ensure garments are the right size according to the size guide and are not worn too tight.
      The standard issue of uniforms for a full time member of staff should consist of the following, as a minimum: three tunics and two trousers, or three dresses.
      Garments should be worn in rotation.
      Follow the laundry care instructions in your garment. Please do not use washing powders with bleaching agents on any of our products. We recommend using either Ariel or Persil Non Bio.
      Garments should be cleaned and pressed regularly.

Life Expectancy - Guarantee

Based on our recommended standards and care, the life expectancy of spa tunics, trousers and dresses is 12 months. Uniforms can and will last longer, however the final life of garments is always dependant on the care staff take, the fit, laundry facilities in your spa, salon or clinic, and maintenance of uniforms as a whole.


Our garment guarantee covers non-performance due to manufacturing or fabric issues; it does not cover normal wear and tear, spillage, misuse of any kind, or non-adherence to cleaning instructions. For instance, garments are not to be tumble dried and we will not be liable for any damage relating to not following cleaning instructions correctly.