Spa Uniforms - Fashionizer Spa

Cotton, Linen, Organic & Antibacterial uniforms for cooler therapists

Fashionizer Spa is an award-winning international company that specialises in the supply of high-quality spa uniforms, beauty uniforms and salon wear in natural fibres. We offer organic spa uniforms, and Antibacterial therapist uniforms for male and female staff.

Fashionizer Spa is a one stop shop for all your health and beauty wear, uniform distribution and management services. Choose from our stock collection of fashionable spa tunics and spa trousers, available in a large range of styles, colours and sizes. Alternatively our spa uniform designers can create bespoke spa uniforms for your property or brand. (Minimum quantities apply.)

Because we are a specialist Spa Uniform designers and we understand the specific needs of the spa industry. All our uniforms have been specially designed to ensure maximum comfort for all spa staff.

Fashionizer Spa is a market leader in the introduction of innovative fabrics using natural fibres developed for use in spa wear: including our popular: Cotton Performance Fabric (CPF) which has enormous benefits for all spa staff: breathability, stretch and flexibility, crease-resistance and soil release ensuring effective laundering. Our new antibacterial finish “Silver Plus”™ destroys 99% of bacteria enabling all day freshness is also washable at low temperatures.

Fashionizer Spa is the market leader in the supply of luxury spa uniforms, organic and natural fibre uniforms. Click here to see customer reviews of our uniforms