Bamboo Fabric Fashionizer Spa

Bamboo is a super plant! Often labelled ‘the world’s most renewable material’ and is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. It can grow up to four feet in one day, as many unsuspecting gardeners have discovered. It absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than a similar group of trees. To thrive like this, bamboo requires no pesticides, and little water. When bamboo is harvested, the plant regenerates itself in a flash. Smooth, comfortable and flowing, bamboo textile is a great alternative for customers looking for a smoother texture for their spa uniforms. Our bamboo fabric, containing 60% bamboo and 40% polyester, is absorbent, breathable, soft, and has natural antibacterial qualities.

Our Bamboo collection provides a smooth and soft texture, creating fashionable and stylish uniforms that are natural and cost effective.