Will the new face of hospitality be wearing a face mask?

Will the new face of hospitality be wearing a face mask?

It’s hard to believe that it’s already July, as 2020 has felt like a real-life horror movie in slow-motion, filled with the unimaginable. The past few months the world has been challenged with new ways of living, and new ideas for adapting. As hotels and restaurants have started to open their doors once again in the past week, the successful interaction between guests and staff is on all manager’s minds.

We are all dreaming of a fancy night out with good food, drinks, and laughs, but how will we be able to achieve a relaxed dining experience in these circumstances? More importantly, minimising the risk of exposure to the virus and reducing the risk to both staff and customers, so that no outbreak is tracked back to their premises, will be of utmost importance for every hotel and restaurant’s reputation and business. 

face masks for hospitality

Rishi Sunak serves food without wearing a mask. Source: The Independent 

Having been involved in following the research on the value of fabric face masks and face coverings since March, we are disappointed that the UK government has not been more proactive in giving clear direction to the hospitality industry, and making the wearing of face masks mandatory for staff in hotels, restaurants, and bars. Reopening in a "Covid-secure way" and keeping in guide with social distancing rules at the same time is objectively a challenge. Yet the lack of clear guidance based on the newest research is disappointing.

Objectively, no matter how good a waiter you are, do you think this video of this very distinguished waiter gives a good example of “Covid-safe” service? No matter how disciplined your team is, keeping the 1 metre rule when placing the dish on a customer’s table is just impossible. There is no doubt from the situation in the U.S. and research that more and more evidence is emerging about the value of  face coverings in reducing virus transmission.



The World Health Organisation was initially sceptical about the value of face coverings, but has updated its advice in June advising that governments should encourage the use of non-medical fabric mask. However, WHO can only “recommend”, and governments need to implement their own rules – and these should be clear, especially when it comes to the hospitality sector. This week, the government has produced this video, but we call on them to be more specific in ensuring that all public indoor areas and environments are protected as much as possible from this invisible menace.

Pre-pandemic, the Fashionizer creative team were focused on designing bespoke uniforms for luxury hotels and restaurants. Since March, we have used our experience and expertise to create and produce high-quality, reusable face masks.

Here is why it’s important to consider washable fabric face masks rather than disposable ones:

  1. Cost effective: Disposable masks are more expensive in the long run –If you use washable face masks, you will need only 5% of the quantity compared to disposable ones. Even though they cost more initially, they will end up saving you money.
  2. Eco-friendly: Disposable masks are not biodegradable, therefore there is already a huge polyester mountain of pollution from all the PPE that is being used during this period It is important that we consider using sustainable options where possible, even in times like these.
  3. Safe and stylish: The “medical look” might be great in a hospital environment to give confidence to patients, but not necessarily the image you want to encourage people to feel comfortable in a hospitality establishment. Our masks offer a combination of style and safety, and we have tested them with Nelson Labs.
  4. Designed for comfort: Unlike disposable masks that are often scratchy and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, our fabric masks are soft and comfortable, and can be worn for up to 4 hours at a time.
  5. Saving PPE for professionals – Our washable fabric face masks do not take away from the supply of PPE masks for healthcare professionals, who need them most. Our masks are made to the right standard as per instructions on the government website and do offer protection, making a difference to anybody working in the hospitality industry.

With over 30 colours and styles available in stock, there’s a mask to fit everyone’s face. For spas we can also create bespoke solutions to fit your branding, so even with a face covering, your uniform matches from head to toe.

Please contact us if you are interested, as minimum quantities and lead times do apply:  customerservice@fashionizer.com

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